So you are going to Koh Chang and don’t want the same touristy things that everyone else does. Then this post is for you. This list of off the beaten path will help you discover som real hidden gems on the island.

The Ghost Ship of Koh Chang

Formerly known as the Koh Chang Grand Lagoona Resort, consisting of a cluster of houseboats that could be rented as dwellings. But also the ship Galaxy which is “parked” on the grounds. Earlier it was possible to get a look around the complex for about 100 baht, but now it appears that the grounds are closed to visitors. You can still see the ship from afar from the end of Klong Koi Beach.

Visit all the Waterfalls on the Island

Besides Klong Plu waterfall, there are a few of them on the east coast of the island hidden in the jungles. You can find a list of them at A word of warning though, some of these waterfalls might just be a trickle when it is not the rainy season. But the hikes to the waterfalls can still be very nice.

Volonteer at a Animal Shelter

If you are a veterinarian the Koh Chang Animal Project is always looking for help. But even if you are just a regular person, they always need help with cleaning and feeding the animals. Take a look at

Take a Boat Ride in the Mangroves in Salak Kok

Take your time and visit Salak Kok on the east coast and take a boat ride through the mangrove forest. This is much more a real version of Thailand and it’s people. Salak Kok is a small fishing village that sees few tourists and have retained the traditional ways of living.

Visit Your Own Private Beach

There are quite a few beaches on the island and you don’t have to look far to find one, but there are a couple that rarely get visited. The most hidden one is only accessible from the end of the road in Salak Petch. Long beach is a couple of kilometers from Salak Petch, but there are signs posted. A word of warning, part of the road has been washed away and replaced by a wooden bridge, so a car will have problems crossing.

Visit a Neighboring Island

Both Koh Mak and Koh Kood are excessable by boat from Bang Bao. Why not take a daytrip to one of these smaller islands and experience real beauty and island life.

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