Say hello to Um, she has the best shop for clothes in Lonely beach and has the best prices. Her shop opens early and closes late. So it is hard to miss her.


There are only two shops on the main road that sells clothes. Ums’ shop in the one closer to the middle, next to a restaurant and a minimart.

This is what her shop looks like;

She is usually sitting in her chair as you can see on the left side of the picture. She is a very nice and helpful person with a good heart. Ask her about anything and she will be able to help.
Her husband also drives taxi, so it could be good to ask for his number in case you need a taxi one evening and cannot find one.

This post is not paid for nor have I recieved anything to do it. I only made it because she has been a good friend for 13 years and I
want to help her out.

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