It has been 13 years since I was here the first time, and Sunset Huts is still there, at the end of the road. After you have passed Himmel and Ting Tong, just keep to the left in the Y-crossing that will be right before you reach Sea Flower Resort. The sign for Sunset Huts has fallen down, but is visible on the ground in the crossing.

Sunset Huts Sign

You will see the sign on the ground on the right hand side in this crossing:

The only crossing on soi 1 in lonely beach

To get to the Sunset Huts, just keep to your left in this crossing and then straight forward. If you go to the right you will find Sea Flower Resort.

This place has been and still is one of the nicest places to stay. They have huts on the waterline of the Andaman Sea that are quite affordable.

They have a couple of different types of bungalows. They have one row that is on the waterline, and one row behind those.

Oceanside Aircon Room 600-700 baht (Some rooms have refrigerators.)
Fan room 300 baht
And the price goes down a lot when you stay the whole month.

Who wouldn’t want an aircon room, with a fridge, on the waterline for 13,000 baht per month? And wake up to this every morning?


They also have a restaurant and a bar, and is the best located bar and restaurant in all of Lonely Beach to watch the sunset.

And the family who runs the place are great, one of the nicest, kindest and most welcoming Thai families I have ever met. And I have met a few Thai people over the years. They have warm and welcoming hearts. I am so happy that I have gotten to know them. They even let me use the resort kitchen when grandmother wanted to eat Swedish food. How many resorts have you been to where such a thing would be no problem at all? The mother of the household even helped make the tzatziki by chopping the cucumber än taking care of the garlic.

The family truly wants you to have a great time here. During the short while we have been here we have become good friends with the family. And they want to take us places to show us highlights of Koh Chang, invite us to join their dinner and so on. They really want us to have a good time.

The family has been here running Sunset Huts for over 20 years. And even though it is also has been hit hard because of Covid, it is still here. It may not be new, and does need som basic repairs and upkeep. But if you have no customers for 4 years, it is hard to do. As soon as the customers return, Sunset Huts will return to much of its’ former glory. But it is still a cheap and great place to stay even if lonely beach seams so actually has become lonely.

You can stay at a resort with a pool with staff in uniforms with luxury food and luxury drinks and so on. But that you can get anywhere. The uniforms have a different color and the food is slightly different, but it’s going to be steak and seafood everywhere you go. If you want a more true Thai experience, come to Sunset Huts and have your slice of heaven for much cheaper. Much more authentic food and atmosphere.

You can contact them directly by:
Telephone: +66885499942
LINE: +66885499942 (LINE is used instead of WhatsApp in Thailand)

This post has not in any way been sponsored or even requested by anyone in the family. I have stayed here for almost the last four weeks and I love it here. It’s like having your own part of paradise.

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