You are on holiday and in Thailand, your clothes will get sweaty and dirty. But do you really want to have to do your own laundry when you are on vacation? Of course not, especially when Mama can do it for you in 24 hours for only 40 baht per kilo. I even asked her if she could mend a seam that had ripped in a pair of shorts I had and she could take care of that no problem.

This is Mama, and her shop. She is a very nice old woman who is very friendly.

Her shop is located about 100m upp the hill in Lonely Beach, a bit further than the pharmacy and the ATM. Or you can contact her directly.

A tip if you dont want to pay international phone fees is to use the Line App which is widely used in Thailand instead of WhatsApp.
Just add the same phone numer shown above in the Line app instead.

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