Koh Chang, an island in Thailand, is accessible by ferry, and the main ferry point for visitors traveling to the island is known as “Ao Thammachat Pier.” Here’s some important information about the ferry point on Koh Chang:

Location: Ao Thammachat Pier is situated on the eastern side of Koh Chang, near the town of Ao Sapparot. It’s the primary ferry terminal for travelers arriving from the mainland.

Mainland Departure: The ferry from the mainland, typically departing from Laem Ngop, a town in Trat Province, connects to Koh Chang at Ao Thammachat Pier. Laem Ngop is the gateway for most visitors arriving on the mainland.

Ferry Operators: Several ferry companies operate services between the mainland and Koh Chang, with frequent departures throughout the day. Some well-known operators include Centre Point Pier, Koh Chang Ferry, and Koh Chang Princess.

Ferry Types: The ferries vary in size and amenities. You can choose from traditional car ferries to speedboats, depending on your preferences and needs. Car ferries are essential for transporting vehicles to the island.

Ticketing: Tickets can be purchased at the pier or in advance from ticketing offices or online. Prices may vary depending on the operator, type of ferry, and whether you are traveling on foot, with a vehicle, or as a passenger.

Travel Time: The ferry ride from the mainland to Koh Chang takes approximately 30-45 minutes, depending on sea conditions and the type of ferry. Speedboats are generally faster.

Parking Facilities: If you are traveling with a vehicle, there are parking areas available at or near the pier. Make sure to inquire about parking fees and availability.

Shuttle Services: Some ferry operators offer shuttle services to transport passengers from the pier to various locations on Koh Chang, which can be especially convenient if you don’t have your own transportation.

Facilities at the Pier: The pier area typically includes facilities like ticket counters, waiting areas, small shops, and restaurants where you can grab a bite or refreshments while waiting for your ferry.

Schedules: Ferry schedules can vary, so it’s a good idea to check the departure times and book your tickets in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons to ensure availability.

Once you arrive at Ao Thammachat Pier on Koh Chang, you’ll be greeted by the island’s beauty and ready to start your adventure. From the pier, you can easily access transportation options to take you to your desired destination on the island, whether it’s one of the popular beaches like White Sand Beach, Lonely Beach, or any of the island’s other attractions.

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