Welcome to the charming fishing village of Baan Salak Kok on the captivating island of Koh Chang, Thailand. Tucked away from the bustling tourist hotspots, Baan Salak Kok offers a unique blend of authenticity, tranquility, and coastal beauty that beckons travelers in search of a serene escape. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey to explore the wonders of Baan Salak Kok and why it’s a hidden gem worth discovering on your visit to Koh Chang.

Discovering Baan Salak Kok:


  • Baan Salak Kok is located on the northern coast of Koh Chang, a peaceful enclave between Klong Son and Dan Kao Beach.

Fishing Village Charms:

  • What sets Baan Salak Kok apart is its identity as a traditional fishing village. It offers a glimpse into the authentic way of life on Koh Chang, where locals continue to rely on the sea for their livelihood.

Bustling Fisherman’s Wharf:

  • Baan Salak Kok boasts a bustling fisherman’s wharf where colorful fishing boats and nets line the shores. The wharf is a hub of activity, especially in the early mornings when fishermen return with their catch.

Local Culture and Tradition:

  • The village is rich in Thai culture and traditions. Visitors can explore the local temples, engage with the friendly residents, and immerse themselves in the warmth of Thai hospitality.

Fresh Seafood Delights:

  • Baan Salak Kok offers some of the freshest seafood on Koh Chang. Dine at local seafood restaurants and savor delicious dishes prepared with the day’s catch.

Eco-Friendly Tourism:

  • The village is committed to eco-friendly tourism, and you can explore nearby mangrove forests and participate in eco-tours that educate visitors about the local ecology.

Mangrove Exploration:

  • The village is home to mangrove forests, making it an excellent starting point for kayak or boat tours through the tranquil mangrove-lined waterways. This eco-adventure offers a chance to spot local wildlife and connect with nature.

Sunset Tranquility:

  • Baan Salak Kok is known for its tranquil sunset views. As the sun dips below the horizon, the mangroves and fishing boats create a picturesque setting for witnessing breathtaking sunsets.

Accommodations with a View:

  • While Baan Salak Kok is quieter than some of the island’s bustling beach areas, it does offer a selection of accommodations, from charming guesthouses to boutique lodgings. Many of these places provide sea views and direct access to the coast.


Baan Salak Kok on Koh Chang is a hidden gem that welcomes travelers to a world of authenticity, tranquility, and coastal beauty. It’s a place where you can experience the genuine way of life in a Thai fishing village, savor the freshest seafood, and connect with the local community. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a food lover, or someone seeking cultural experiences, Baan Salak Kok provides a serene retreat that allows you to delve into the heart of Koh Chang’s fishing traditions. When planning your visit to this Thai island, be sure to include Baan Salak Kok in your itinerary. It’s a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered, offering a taste of authentic coastal life on the captivating shores of Koh Chang.

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